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Monday Chest and Back Superset Training v1

Monday Chest and Back Superset Training v1

It had been a while since I engaged in a week-long superset training, so today was the start with my Monday Chest and Back Superset Training v1. Supersets are ideal for a variety of purposes. Revigorated muscles can provide that lift you are looking for when stuck in a rut. If you are trying to burn fat, “Superset sessions will raise your heart rate and incinerate those stubborn cells.”

What is a Super Set

A Super Set is a routine that involves performing back to back exercises for different muscle groups with no rest in between. For example: Chest / Back, Bicep / Triceps, Shoulders / Legs, and so on. You can also divide up by upper and lower body. Performing super sets is great for your hormonal levels and will provide an extra level of pump and fatigue encouraging muscle growth. Supersets are also great if you are short on time during the week or are traveling and want to burn off that cheat meal you had.

What is a Compound Set

Compound sets are like Supersets, with the exception that you are working the same muscle group. For example: Bench Press / Cable Cross. Dumbbell Bicep Curl / Cable Curl. Much like super sets, the compound set will shock and fatigue your muscles leading to growth. Introducing a different way of hitting muscles can mentally keep you from becoming bored in the gym.

Remember that your heart rate will be elevated. If you are concerned about your heart or currently suffer from any cardiovascular issues be sure to consult your doctor before performing these routines.

Make sure to stretch and drink plenty of water prior. You are going to challenge your body, and this will be very important to reduce injury.

Here is my routine on June 26, 2018: Chest / Back

The equipment used:

  1. ARCHON Power Cage
  2. ARCHON FID Bench
  3. ARCHON Olympic Bar
  4. ARCHON Mount Dual Cable Attachment
  5. ARCHON Wide Cable Pull Attachment

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