About us


Our team is passionate about fitness and most importantly, “Passionate about you and your fitness goals.” We created ARCHON to help you achieve the best possible version of yourself using equipment that is affordable and of the highest quality. The most expensive fitness equipment isn’t necessarily the best. In many cases, a high price is the result of branding or extra features you don’t need. On the flip side, low prices often involve shortcuts in quality of parts and product design. “Not with ARCHON !” When we started to design and manufacture our line of ARCHON equipment it was quality and functionality that was ours focus. We asked the question, “Who and how will the equipment be used?” ARCHON equipment offers the best combination of utility and affordability for the fitness enthusiast or personal training studios. Our inventory will include home gym, personal training, and commercial quality equipment created and sold directly by us.

Bars -For those looking for durability, performance, and spin in a bar.

Cable Machines – For those looking cable machines that will save space while at the same time allowing versatility. These cable machines PERFORM! Your only limit is your imagination.

Strength Equipment– Equipment ideal for functional training. As this method of training is becoming more popular in home and group settings we will continue a focus on this line of functional fitness equipment.

Cages/Power Racks – Long time favorites for home fitness, we are taking these cages / power racks to a new level. With attachments, such as Lat pull and wide cable crossover, our cages / power racks will provide the versatility of fitness club training for both the home gym and personal training studio.

Balls – With the continued growth of Functional Fitness, Box Gyms, and Cross Functional Fitness, fitness balls,both wall balls and slam balls, are continuing to grow in demand. Our goal is to provide a lineup of durable fitness balls that you and your clients can depend on.