Adjustable Dual Pulley Station


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  • Strong steel construction
  • Dual swivel pulley station
  • x4 Linear ball bearing plate carriage
  • 17 vertical positions
  • Wall mounted with optional floor mount for added stability. Hardware included
  • Two single cable attachments included
  • Rubber foot caps for stability & to prevent scratching of floor
  • Small footprint design makes for an ideal space saver cable unit
  • 90.5″ Tall. 29.875″ Wide 19.73″ Deep

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The ARCHON Adjustable Dual Pulley Cable Station is a versatile space saver with an abundance of potential cable exercises for both home and commercial users. Unlike similar units that use plastic bushings and hollow metal tubes for carriage systems, the ARCHON Adjustable Dual Pulley Station is constructed of 4 linear “Steel” bearings providing a nonresistant gliding motion you will appreciate up solid steel rods. The mounting also sets this unit apart from competitors. Both the top and the bottom of the cable station mount to your wall. “What does this mean to you?” If you do not have a low mount the cable station can pull away from the wall when conducting low pulley movements with moderate weight over time. This pulling can damage the wall around an upper mount. With our ARCHON Cable Station, you have a high and low mounting that secures the unit allowing for full usage top to bottom. If desired there is even floor mounting available. With 17 vertical positions, and commercial construction, you will be able to maximize your cable workouts for a complete health club experience right in your home or personal training studio.

Be sure to visit our YouTube Channel for our Assembly Video as well as workouts. If you subscribe to our channel, there will be upcoming workouts by our own NSCA Personal Trainer.

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Mounting into concrete/cinder block: Hardware is included. – Mounting into wood: We recommend Tapcon Wood Lag Screws which can be picked up in most hardwood stores. Be sure to speak with an associate about your project to choose the correct Tapcon.


Additional information

Weight 56 lbs
Dimensions 29 × 22 × 9 in


  1. jairo_lagos

    The two rods on the back are solid iron. The rods weight about 10 pounds each. The whole machine weights 82 pounds.
    The ball bearings in the weight support are smooth. It moves really nice up and down. When you walk away (with the cable in your hands) from the machine, you can walk about 10 feet out, so you have plenty of space to do whatever exercise you have in mind.
    I am extremely happy with this purchase, I just wish I didn’t wait so long to make the purchase.

    I am not one to leave reviews much, but since I did not see any reviews, I decided to add my two cents. I will add pictures of my setup if the feedback allows it.

    J Lagos
    Margate Fl.

  2. Greg (verified owner)

    Just received my cable system today only five days after my order! Came heavily packed with lots of bubble wrap! All of the parts are well made and solid! Took about a couple of hours to put together, by myself , instruction are ok and I used you tube video to put on the cable.

    All I can say it buy this! It is smooth in the pull with a little bit of negative resistance which is a plus to trick the muscles. This system is a great addition to my home gym! Thanks Archon for such a great product!! Well done!!

  3. admin

    Hi Jake! I will send you an email now with that answer.

  4. John B, Seattle (verified owner)

    Great product, great company. Mine sits next to a commercial smith machine (I’m the third owner) and I would consider it of almost equal quality. I’d offer more details, but will likely instead do a youtube video with a review. In short, if you are looking for a cable pulley system this is a great purchase.

    • admin

      Thank you for the great review John. Be sure to tag us in your video. Can’t wait to see it! We use #FitArchon #ArchonFitness

  5. Brent Vanek, Memphis Tn.

    Had this machine a week and it’s a solid buy for the money. Received in bubble wrap and good packaging with no missing pieces or damage. Had it assembled in about an hour, instructions were fairly easy to follow. Mounted my machine into garage floor and wall studs. The footprint and build quality of this machine can’t be beat for the price. Range of motion and travel distance of cables is great. I regret not finding this machine sooner. The only draw back for me, and this being my personal opinion, is there isn’t an option for a weight stack to be added. I know added weight stacks increase costs but I would have gladly paid the extra cost, but over all not a big deal. I would say no home gym is complete without this equipment and I will be purchasing a second tower soon to have cable cross-over ability. If there was an option for an added weight stack I could easily rate this equipment 10 out of 10, otherwise I give this 9 and 3/4 stars out of 10. You won’t be disappointed with this equipment, great job Archon!

  6. Kevin (verified owner)

    Just received my order after a long wait. Product is amazing for the home gym rat. The ball bearings are a great added benefit. Instructions are simple. Well worth the wait. Thanks archon for a greaat product.

  7. hyrkla28 (verified owner)

    Great addition for most home gyms. I had planned on buying a full functional trainer, but I’m glad I saved money and went with this product. Plan about 90 minuets for setup and anchoring the unit. Use the manual and watch the YouTube video prior to assembly. I own various pieces of gym equipment and I was impressed by the quality of this product. Very heavy duty parts for a $300 unit. I love how little space you need for this unit. The top fit between my floor joists, and I scabbed a piece of wood between the joists to anchor the top. If you can’t anchor the bottom to a wall, you will need to put a few floor anchors in. I used tapcon anchors for my basement floor. If you want this machine to be as smooth as possible, I recommend spraying all of the pulleys with silicone lubricant as you assemble them. Also, give the guide rods a light spray as well.

    *Fairly easy setup
    *Small footprint
    *Well built
    *Cable action is very smooth. I own a commercial lat Pulldown machine and this machine is almost as smooth.
    *Can perform chest flys, chest presses and various other exercises. I’m impressed at how well you can do flys on this machine.
    *Low maintenance
    *Add variety to workouts
    *Accomodates short and tall users.
    *Option to use only one pulley at a time. Great for alternating exercises.
    *Fast shipping

    Some have mentioned the noise of the machine. I will say that It’s not a quite machine, but many exercise machines are not quite. The rollers on my leg press machine sound very similar to this machine. Most listen to music when they lift, so you likely won’t be bothered by the noise. If you live in an apartment, you might need to consider the noise factor.

  8. Rick

    I am super happy with this cable station. I have limited space and this was the only product that would work in my home gym. I haven’t heard of this company before so I was a little worried about what I was getting myself into, but so far I have been very impressed by the quality.

    I used a combo of the instructions and the youtube video to put it together and overall I thought it was pretty easy to assemble. It took me about 1.5 hours to complete.

    If you are on the fence about this cable station, go ahead and buy it. It’s been a game changer for my home gym setup.

    This isn’t a complain, but a suggestion…I would really like a knee holder attachment so that I can do Lat Pulldowns without lifting my body off the bench.

  9. Jennifer (verified owner)

    Got the adjustable dual pully system during the preorder issues. Really no complaints with this since every exercise equipment vendor is having serious issues. Got this and followed the set up video. Had to mount it and rig against a power rack. No issues in set up. No issues in shipment other than one box came one day and the other came the next. Exercises are smooth and without issues. Nice to have a safe in-home alternative vs possibility of getting sick from a gym. Life is boring without a fully adjustable pully system and even when the gyms open it’s nice to have the ability to work out from home with some workouts. Is noisy but just turn that music up. 10 stars if I could give them.

  10. Nikki (verified owner)

    ORDER IT! This machine is great! With 4 young boys, I am not able to make it to a gym anymore, and I really missed the cable machines. I started with just a small, cheap gym setup, and found that I really like working out at home. Not to mention the amount of time I save. (More time for my boys!) so I ordered this pulley machine. It is great quality, the pull is so smooth, shipping was super quick, and packaging was great! It took roughly 80-90 minutes to put together. (their you tube video is very helpful)
    We mounted it into studs, with the rubber caps on the feet, and use it FREQUENTLY! I love that I am able to use one or both pulleys. So glad I was able to snag me one, if your on the fence, jump on over, you won’t regret it!

    Side note: I had to reach out to customer service, before ordering, and they were prompt with getting back.
    I can’t wait to upgrade my home gym to much more of their equipment.

    The downside: I decided to upgrade during this mess. So everythingis out of stock! 😫 But I am patiently waiting. Thanks Archon, for making great equipment,
    for the people like me who want a gym experience at home!

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