ARCHON Accessory Cable Attachment Kit – II


  • Black chrome finish
  • Advanced knurling for perfect grip during workout
  • Fit’s most common gourd buckles/clips
  • 500LB Load Rating – Lat Pull, Triangle Row, Rope Attachment
  • 100LB Load Rating – Ankle Strap

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Archon Cable Attachment Kit

“Who says you can’t have it all?” Introducing the ARCHON Fitness Cable Accessory Kit. Includes our commercial engineered Triceps Rope Attachment, Triangle Row Attachment, Ankle Strap Attachment, and our Lat Pulldown Bar attachment.

What You Receive

ARCHON Triceps Rope Attachment

The ARCHON Triceps Rope Cable Attachment will help you achieve the definition you have been striving for. Ideal for primarily training triceps, you can also achieve bicep workouts, shoulder workouts, and of course the ever so popular, “Abdominal Crunch!”

Our commercial grade 27” Nylon Braided Rope is complimented with heavy duty stoppers for a secure pull. Capable of 500LBS, “You will not wear this rope out anytime soon.” This attachment will fit not only ARCHON Cable Machines, but also the most common gourd buckles / clips.

ARCHON Triangle Row Attachment

The ARCHON Triangle Row Cable Attachment is the staple for a deep strong back workout. Constructed of commercial black chrome steel this unit not only looks great but feels great! The Advanced Knurling provides a secure comfortable grip while pulling.


ARCHON Ankle Strap Attachment

If you are looking to TRIM, TONE, and TIGHTEN your legs, thighs, and glutes, The ARCHON Fitness Ankle Strap Cable Attachment will help you achieve your lower body goals. Constructed from durable leather and comfortable interior padding, whether you are a home user or in the commercial gym environment this is the strap for you. A strong commercial Velcro will keep you secure as you train toward your goals and the buckle allows you pull as high as 100 LBS.

ARCHON Lat Pull Down Bar Attachment

The ARCHON Fitness Lat Pulldown Bar Cable Attachment will help you achieve the strong and defined back that will make your friends envious. Constructed of commercial black chrome steel this bar is not just about looks, but about performance. With a 36” wing span the ARCHON Lat Bar is capable of pulling a whopping 500 LBS! The Advanced knurling will ensure that not only do you have a perfect secure grip, but comfort as well by not being aggressively knurled.

Lat Pulldowns will not only define a great back, but build your secondary muscle groups, biceps, forearms, and strengthen your rotator cuff when performed correctly.

Here at ARCHON Fitness we do not want to just sell you a product and send you on your way. Our online YouTube videos and blogs are all an effort to help you achieve your fitness goals. “So, check them out! We are continuing to film, so you will see increased content toward the end of 2018 and much more in 2019 all by our in-house certified trainers. That’s right, we do not want your ARCHON equipment collecting dust. If you are confused, new to training, or have just simply ran out of ideas…contact us for ‘FREE’ tips on using our equipment. It truly is our pleasure to assist you in achieving your fitness goals now and into the future.”

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Additional information

Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 38 × 8 × 7 in


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