• ENGINEERING: Solid Steel | Premium CERAKOTE Finish | Snap Ring Chrome Sleeves | Brass Bushings
  • ARCHON COATING: Premium CERAKOTE Finish Provides Increased Rust Resistance | Hardness | Increased Abrasion Protection
  • SPECS: 47.25” | 10 KG / 22.04 LBS | 400 LB Capacity | 28 mm Diameter Grip | Medium Knurling | Brass Bushings for Reduced Friction | Sleeve Length
  • EXERCISE: EZ Barbel Curls | Triceps Extensions | Skull Crushers | Upright Rows | Biceps | Chest and “MORE….”
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY: Protects your barbell from material defects and construction. Visit our warranty page for complete barbell warranty information coverage.

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ARCHON Black CERAKOTE EZ Curl Olympic Bar

The ARCHON EZ Curl Barbell with CERAKOTE finish is the specialty bar you have been shopping for. The undulating handle allows you to activate your biceps and triceps for those toned and strong arms you have been working toward with this curl bar. Traditionally used for preacher curls (Seated or Standing), reverse grip EZ curls, varied grip curls, overhead triceps extensions (Seated, Standing, or Lying), up right rows (Targeting Traps), and more. If you have had a wrist injury the EZ bar is a great alternative to straight bar curls as the undulating handle reduces pressure on the wrist. The ARCHON Premium CERAKOTE finish will contribute to your enjoying your bar in the longer term as this top of the line coating increases resistance to rust, abrasion, and provides hardness for extra protection. The medium knurling will hold chalk, but also will not be so abrasive you lose your fingerprints. Whether you are a bodybuilder, weightlifting, working on weight loss, rehabilitating from wrist injuries, or just looking to tone those arms, you will enjoy the feel of our barbell.

olympic bar

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Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 3 × 3 in


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