ARCHON CERAKOTE Women’s Needle Bearing Olympic Barbell


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  • DURABLE: CERAKOTE Finish | Needle Bearing | Tensile strength: 100,000 PSI and 500 lbs MAX.
  • COMPETITION SPIN: 4 Premium Needle Bearings / 2 Brass Bushings “WHIP It!”
  • SPECIFICATIONS: 25mm Diameter. 80” Long. Weighs: 15kg / 33lbs. Sleeve Length 13”
  • WORKOUTS: Cross Functional Box Gyms | Curling Bar | Weight Bench Bar | Olympic Lifting | Squat Barbell
  • KNURL MARKS: Olympic and Powerlifting knurl marks. No center knurling, “So no neck rash.”
  • Olympic and powerlifting knurl marks


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ARCHON Women’s CERAKOTE Needle Bearing Olympic Barbell with Bushings

Stop over-paying for just a name and instead experience the affordable, but superior performance of the ARCHON Fitness line of Olympic Bars, starting with The ARCHON Women’s CERAKOTE Needle Bearing Olympic Barbell with Bushings. This barbell provides the ultimate in performance that you are looking for when performing Olympic and Cross Functional movements, such as The Clean and Jerk, The Push Press, The Front Squat, The Overhead Squat, The Snatch Deadlift, and much more. Our 4 premium needle bearings, combined with 2 bronze bushings, provide a smooth unrestricted spin, especially when heavily loaded. “Experience the whip!” This bar is designed specifically for smaller hands at a 25mm diameter. This ARCHON 15kg barbell ( womens barbell 35lb ) has both Olympic and Powerlifting knurl marks to go along with a stylish black CERAKOTE finish. Our knurling has a medium non-abrasive texture but holds chalk GREAT! In addition, there is no center knurling. By having bushings, combined with needle bearings, you will produce a smooth controlled whip.

“What is CERAKOTE finish?” Great question!

A CERAKOTE finished barbell provides a protective ceramic finish giving your bar superior strength and durability against corrosion and scratching. CERAKOTE coating offers 100x more corrosion resistance than standard black zinc. Originally CERAKOTE was used on weapons to protect in marine environments, sweating or hot and dusty environments. Keep in mind, metal-to-metal contact will cause barbells to wear overtime, so be sure to maintain your barbells regardless of the coating.

“Why are Needle Bearings superior?” To get your WHIP on!

Rather than a ball bearing, needle bearings are exactly how they sound. They are substantially larger, stronger, and faster, producing a great whip. Needle bearings have a larger contact surface area when the bar is under impact. This will elongate the life of your bar/bearings compared to ball bearings. (On a ball bearing the ball has one point of contact, the very tip of the ball. While on a needle bearing there is a whole line, the length of the needle, that is under contact.) The combination of our bushings with our needle bearings creates for a smother rotation when performing your Olympic movements.

olympic bar

olympic bar

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At ARCHON Fitness we produce “Affordable” Olympic Bars. Rising above our larger brand name competitors we value you and your goals rather than just our bottom line. Experience the performance of Olympic Bars used in competition, personal training, commercial gyms, Cross Functional Box Gyms, and lastly your home or garage gym. Interested in a multi-barbell order? Contact us directly at [email protected].

ARCHON Barbell “Lifetime Warranty”

The ARCHON Lifetime Warranty protects your barbell from material defects and construction. This warranty does not cover the product if it becomes unusable over time because of material defects or construction. If the bar is damaged do to neglect, misuse, has been altered, poor storage environments, or mishandled the warranty is voided. The ARCHON warranty does not cover abusive dropping of the bar. (This includes metal surfaces, benches, dropping with iron plates, on spotter arms, on a box, with 10’s / 15’s by themselves, or similar abuse.) Maintenance is not considered a warranty issue. Warranty is not transferable and original purchase receipt must be provided. Warranty claims are reviewed case by case by the ARCHON engineer. The determination by the engineer is final. You may feel confident that barbell defects are extremely rare as most problems are a result of neglect or abuse.

ARCHON barbells are protected by the top coatings in the industry. Rather than the cheaper oxide coatings, “ARCHON only uses BLACK ZINC and CERAKOTE as we want you to enjoy a quality barbell for years to come.”

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Weight 35 lbs
Dimensions 81 × 4 × 4 in


  1. Chris Austin (verified owner)

    I recently bought this bar for my daughter so she had a bar at the house. This bar is probably the best bang for your buck you can get and she loves it. It has better whip than the Rogue bars at our gym and the spin is awesome. The knurling on the bar gives the perfect amount of grip. Many other bars can be way to aggressive and tear your hands up.

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