• DURABLE: Heavy Duty Stitching | Steel Clips and Chain | Lifetime Replacement Warranty against Manufacture Defects
  • COMFORT: ARCHON padding offers comfort to your lower back when performing dip exercises
  • 44 inch chain |Neoprene Construction | Carabiner’s on each end for adjustments to your height and workout. Ad more weight
  • STRENGTH: 500 LBS Max Workout Belt Chain – Challenge your chest, triceps, and back exercises
  • WORKOUTS: Chest Dips | Triceps Dips | Pull Ups | Chin Ups

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The ARCHON Dip Belt

The ARCHON Dip Belt is the necessary workout tool for your gym bag. Perform weighted workouts, such as Chest Dips, Triceps Dips, Pull-Ups, and Chin-Ups. These workouts allow you to dominate your chest, shoulders, triceps, upper back, and lower back. A chain and carabiner constructed of steel will allow you to challenge those muscle groups with significant weight. The ability to adjust the 44 inch chain length on both sides makes this Dip Belt ideal for all shapes and sizes with the added comfort of interior padding. Too much padding can lead to the relaxation of the lower back resulting in muscle pulls…too little padding and you get pinched and you are more focused on your discomfort than your workout leading to injury because of lack of concentration. The ARCHON Dip Belt resolves these issues. “Train with confidence!”

Weighted Dips when performed with proper technique and training methodology benefit and build strength for your bench press, shoulder press, biceps, triceps, abdominal core, and other exercises requiring explosive strength and muscle endurance. Kinetic chain exercises benefit your fitness routine as you are working multiple muscle groups at once while focusing on your primary exercises.


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