ARCHON Hip Bands Set


  • “FREE SHIPPING!” Sold as Complete Set
  • 3 RESISTANCE LEVELS / 3 SIZES: BLACK – 3.125” x 12.5” (High Resistance) | GREY – 3.125” x 14”(Medium Resistance) | WHITE – 3.125”x16”(Low Resistance) “Light weight and easy to carry from within your gym bag.”
  • COMMERCIAL ENGINEERING Constructed of Polyester and Silk Latex. Designed for your fitness goals.
  • EXERCISES Leg Press, Squats, Hip Thrusts, Abductors, Deadlift, Hip Thrusts, and Glute workouts.
  • TARGET Glutes, Hams, Quads, and your Core. Fabric anti-slip hip bands ensure your fitness goals!
  • LIFETIME REPLACEMENT WARRANTY We believe in our product design and quality. Feel confident in your purchase so you can feel confident in your workout.

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Archon Hip Band Set

Increase and improve your squat depth, flexibility, achieve improved workout warm-ups, and strengthen your core with the ARCHON Resistance Hip Band Set. Activate your muscle groups around hips and glutes to not only grow stronger and improve performance but reduce risk of injury. Specifically, your abductors and external rotators.

New to Hip Bands? Simply place your feet through the loops and bring up to your thighs above the knee. Depending on the workout this will be just above the knee or a bit higher keeping a small amount of tension. Our polyester and silk latex construction resist rolling. Use hip bands in combination with a variety of workouts, such as squats, leg presses, lunges, leg extensions, free weight workouts, body weight workouts, Olympic lifts, powerlifting training, Pilates, yoga, and much much more!

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