Archon Smith Machine | Half Rack


  • 4 Premium Commercial Ball Bearings Engineered within Carriage on Commercial Grade Solid Steel Tubing.
  • Spotter Arms / Smith Bar Holds up to 750 Pounds! 22 Positions Beginning at 9” and Spaced 3” Apart.
  • Adjustable Safety Spotters for Smith Machine | 15” Spotter Safety Arms 1,000 LBS Max | J Cups 750 LBS Max | 11” Loadable Sleeves | Barbell 28mm Diameter
  • Multi-Grip Pull-up Bar | 8 Plate Storage Pegs | Optional Band Pegs | Optional Cable Crossover and Lat Pull Down Low Row Attachment
  • Commercial Grade Steel 11 Gauge Tubing | Precision Ball bearings Ensure No Wiggle or Slop. Curved Back Cross Member Design Allows a Benches to Slide Inside to Perform Specific Exercises. Hole Number System on Inside and Outside of Each Upright for Ease of Adjusting Catchers.

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The ARCHON Fitness Smith Machine Half Rack is the all-in-one free weight workout station you have been searching for! Our smith machine home gym is constructed with 11-gauge steel and reinforced by ARCHON Fitness Engineering using commercial ball bearing in our bar carriage system eliminating the excessive wiggle that cheaper brands experience with low grade plastic bushings. Perform Push and Press exercises with the smith barbell (28 mm Diameter) without stickiness and excessive rubbing experienced in workout equipment of lesser engineering and design. The carriage travels up solid steel chrome bars, as opposed to hollow, with minimal friction allowing you to push more weight reaching your fitness goals. Go after that BIG BENCH or SQUAT safely! New to working out? Exercises safely as a beginner and as you gain confidence move to free weigh training on the outside of the Smith Machine…THAT’S RIGHT! This unit is also a Half Rack / Power Rack! Included for use on the exterior of the unit are 15” Spotter Safety Arms capable of 1,000 Lbs. In addition, also included, are J Cups capable of 750 Lbs. AGAIN…. THATS NOT ALL! The Smith Machine is pre-drilled for ARCHON Cable Station Attachments. Both the ARCHON Cable Crossover Station and Lat Bar High Row and Low Row attachments connect to the rack to take this unit even further in the ultimate in workout machines for home. This unit is also available as a set with these attachments included. Tone your body, strengthen your muscles, or weight loss in the comfort of your home gym or for your clients in your commercial gym / personal training studio. ARCHON Gym equipment is designed to take you further whatever your fitness goals shall be! Use as a squat rack and bench press, leg press, Olympic lifting, Olympic Plate Storage, Power lifting, Free Weight Training, and much more!

Why does our unit stand apart?

  • First, WE DO NOT USE CHEAP PLASTIC! The Optional ARCHON Power Cage Cable Attachments are engineered with commercial steel bearings and solid steel rods. Competitors with similar units use plastic bushings and hollow tubes. Bring the Commercial Experience Home!
  • Second, our storage system. We design all power racks and our half racks with extended rear bases allowing the storage pegs to be fully loaded while performing workouts as well as for getting a bench in there for chest workouts. Very unique design so that you get the most out of your ARCHON Equipment!
  • Third, the multi-grip pull-up station provides you multiple options for working your back and biceps.
  • Fourth, Not only do you get the 15″ spotter arms capable of 1,000 LBS, but safety J-Hooks for squats and other workouts.
  • Finally, Pre-drilled holes for e wide cable crossover attachments and lat-pull & row station.


olympic bar


Optional Cable Crossover and Lat Pull / Low Row Attachments

These attachments are constructed with “ARCHON ENGINEERING!” Say good by to he cheaper plastic bushings and hollow metal rods that deteriorate and stick over time, ARCHON units are built to last. Using steel commercial bearings and solid steel rods for the ultimate cable workout experience, each pulley is capable of 250 LB loads per side, “You can truly ‘MAXIMIZE’ your workout!” The same technology is used in the Lat Pull / Low Row Cable attachment as well. Connect these attachments to your smith machine and you have the free weight home gym you have been hoping for.

You can use Standard 1” plates or 2” Olympic or Bumper Plates on the cable stations.

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Weight 84 lbs
Dimensions 82 × 15 × 7 in


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