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  • Heavy duty commercial grade steel gauge
  • Equipped with close neutral, wide neutral and angled grip with plenty of space for any hand size
  • Fits all style Olympic plates
  • Knurled handle grips
  • Designed to rack on any standard bench or rack
  • 400 LB Max Weight. 14” of loadable sleeve length
  • 28mm diameter handles

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If you are looking for a versatile specialty Olympic bar to mix up your routine than look no further than the ARCHON Multi-Grip Specialty Olympic Bar. Because this bar is equipped with close neutral, wide neutral, and angled grip positions, you are able to hit muscle groups in multiple ways. Great for working the triceps, biceps, and pectorals from multiple angles. Probably the most versatile specialty bar you will ever own. Grips are knurled, 28mm, and provide plenty of space for small to large hands.  Flip the bar over, and you have a new angled position. While some of the more expensive bars on the market claim to offer performance, few offer chrome bar ends capable of fitting your High Tolerance Calibrated Olympic Plates. Most of all these plates are loaded on a 14″ chrome sleeve with a rubber bushing to protect.

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Weight 31 lbs
Dimensions 88 × 13 × 4 in


  1. jriley0433 (verified owner)

    This is an awesome well made multi bar, honestly I was skeptical because of the cheap price, but when I got it in the mail and opened it I was amazed at the quality of this bar! I will def be using archon fitness in my future purchases!

  2. Felix Rita

    More than satisfied with my multi-grip bar. Great quality and very sharp looking, great job Archon. Next will be the trap bar!

  3. Aaron Frisch

    Great, solid, versatile, well built bar. Priced far cheaper than the competition and more thoughtfully designed IMO. Pluses include – Strong, clean welds, durable, textured powder coating and good knurling on the grips. I especially appreciate getting both straight and angled grips on one bar – and the polished metal sleeves make loading plates a breeze. So far I’ve used it for bench press, rows and standing curls.

    I would love to see a future design that has freely rotating sleeves like a straight olympic bar. I know that would add a lot to the price, but it would help counter some of the inertia from the plates.

  4. A Warmsley (verified owner)

    This bar is,” the Truth”. The bar totally alleviates my shoulder issues from working chest. Im able to get a exceptional chest workout in without the post pain that I would get after using a straight barbell. You will get stronger with this barbell than using a traditional barbell due to its focus on the pecs and triceps.. Better bar, better gains.

  5. furman (verified owner)

    Outstanding quality! You will not be disappointed with this multi-grip bar, even the packing for shipping was beyond what I imagined it would be. I’ve used this style bar at the gym and now, with such an affordable price, I have a multi-grip for home. After the first set I could tell the difference with the neutral grip on my damaged rotator cuff shoulder. My compliments to the Archon crew for ease of order, careful packing and delivery when promised.

  6. bocatjoe74 (verified owner)

    Buy far the best purchase I have made. I have 2 bad shoulders due to bench. This makes it a lot easier to overhead press. The quality of the bar is phenomenal. I was expecting a hollow style generic bar for the price. This is a gym quality bar. THANK YOU.

  7. Triaji Widodo (verified owner)

    I must say…wow! What a surprise this bar has been. Just a solid piece. If your skeptical…just buy. Changes my workout and less load on my shoulders. Awesome product Archon! Oh and super fast shipping!

  8. Charles (verified owner)

    Solid multi grip bar! Searched high and low during the current pandemic for a swiss bar. Even purchased one that was on backorder for over a month. Happened across Archon Fitness ‘ mutli grip and ordered it immediately and cancelled the other one.

    When it arrived, pleasantly surprised.

    Quick shipping
    Packaged like Fort Knox
    Good size
    Great feel
    Great value
    Amazing look

    Got a metal splinter feeling out the bar so be careful.

    Overall, highly recommended. Archon ships quickly and packs well. Ordered two olympic bars from Titan and both came with chips and gashes courtesy of UPS! Nothing was going to scratch this packaging. Within a few days, inventory of 281 was sold out. So I am fortunate. Definitely happy with my purchase.

  9. Jay Cabais (verified owner)

    This multi grip bar is solid, I love the knurled handles, not over built so perfect for garage gym and easy to use. Welds could be done better to make it look more smooth but I can’t complain as the price and the overall function is unbeatable.

  10. Kent Johnson (verified owner)

    Amazing purchase! This bar is outstanding and with a price tag half of the competition…there is no competition. Knurling on the bar is just right for me (not aggressive) great build Archon!

  11. Strawn Wilson

    I loving my new Archon bar. My chest workouts have been crazy. The pump is amazing and most importantly my shoulders have not been giving me problems since I started using the Archon bar. I recommend this bar for anyone seriously looking for great results and for a great price. ~Strawn Wilson~ 

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