Post Landmine


  • Full 360 degree rotation
  • Heavy duty steel gauge for strength and durability
  • Fits Olympic bars
  • Fits Olympic size plates
  • Recommended total of at least 45lb of plates to be used to keep setup in stable position
  • Base post length: 7.25”
  • Sleeve length: 9”

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The ARCHON Post Landmine

The ARCHON Post Landmine offers a portable solution for athletes, functional fitness trainers, personal trainers, and those looking for a space saver in the home gym. Place the Landmine post in a bumper or Olympic plate, slide your Olympic Bar or Specialty Bar into the sleeve, and prepare yourself.

Challenge your legs, shoulders, arms, cardiovascular, muscle insurance and H.I.T.T. (High Intensity Interval Training) it! Take a look at our YouTube Video below and subscribe for future training videos that are more in depth

The most common of the Post Landmine workouts that will have amazing results are the following.

Landmine Squats

  • – Great for training proper squat technique for those new to lifting.
  • – Reduces stress on the body, especially for those that have mobility challenges or prior injury.
  • – Ideal for either building strength in the quads and hamstrings either using power thrusts.
  • – Ideal cardiovascular exercise. H.I.T.T. (High Intensity Interval Training).


Landmine Thrust

  • – Ideal for creating power. Particularly great for athletes looking to generate lunging power.
  • – Full leg workout, while incorporating your core.


Single Arm Rotational Press

  • – Learn to generate power and strength from lower body to upper body (Shoulders).
  • – Great for shoulder strength and endurance.


T-Bar Pull

  • – Great Lat workout creating pulling force.
  • – Use a rope, row attachment, or towel to change up the routine.


Bent Over Single Arm Row / Lawnmower Movement

  • – Great workout for lats and para-spinal muscle groups.
  • – Change up where you grab the Olympic bar to hit shoulders as well.
  • – Incorporate legs for full body.


These are just a samples of workouts you can perform with a post landmine. From chest presses, shoulder presses, and your imagination may be your only limitation. Subscribe to our Youtube Channel for on going instructional videos on using this great piece of equipment.

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  1. Greg (verified owner)

    Great product. Fits by 2″ Olympic bar and plates perfectly. Its heavy duty with strong hardware. Took about a minute to put together. Its well package and was shipped same day when ordered. This is my second order from Archon fitness (the other was wall mounted cable pulley) and this company is great to work with and offers incredible products at the best prices around!! I’m a big fan and will buy more from Archon fitness in the future!!

  2. jriley0433 (verified owner)

    This is a great quality product for a great price, I have bought this, multi grip trap bar , and a multi grip specialty bar, and I was surprised on how great the quality was because these prices were just to good to be true. But I took a shot and I am more than satisfied. If u decide to buy anything from archon, I will promise you will be satisfied with the products they sale!

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