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  • “NEW FEATURE!” Training Band Pegs! Ideal for challenging your eccentric resistance training. Click Here for ARCHON Training Bands 
  • Upright numbering system for ease of matching bar and safety catchers.
  • Deeper interior space allowing multiple bench related workouts inside of the cage (Incline, Flat, Decline). Not common in most home power racks / power cages.
  • Olympic bar storage.
  • 27 adjustable positions for bar catches and safety catchers.
  • 6 Olympic plate storage stations that do not interfere with workouts or bench placements Not common in most home power racks / power cages. Spaced out evenly allowing storage of all bumper plates if needed. Provides added stability
  • Multi grip pull-up bar station.
  • Heavy duty 14 gauge Steel.
  • Max Weights: 750 LBS catchers – 500 LBS multi-grip pull-up bar. 1000 LBS Safety catchers
  • Available Attachments: Wide Cable Crossover Attachment and Lat-Pull Down & Row Station Attachment.

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The ARCHONTM Power Cage will assist you to work out safely and efficiently performing a variety of exercises. Squats, presses, pull-ups, and much more. Included with the rack / cage is a multi-grip pullup station, x2 safety bar catchers, x2 bar catchers, and pre-drilled holes for attachments: Lat Bar Pull Down & Row and Wide Cable Crossovers. More attachments are currently under development.

Why does our unit stand apart?

  • First, our storage system. We designed a power rack / power cage with an extended rear base allowing the 6 storage pegs to be fully loaded while performing workouts inside of the cage / rack.
  • Second, not only can you safely store your plates on 6 different chrome pegs…but there is also an interior bar storage for an Olympic bar.
  • Third, The multi-grip pull-up station provides you multiple options for working your back and biceps.
  • Fourth, Not only do you get an interior safety catch, but x2 additional bar catches as well.
  • Finally, Pre-drilled holes for e wide cable crossover attachments and lat-pull & row station.


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Weight 54 lbs
Dimensions 80 × 8 × 5 in


  1. toddricks

    Looks like I’m the first here to review the Archon cage. First off I will start with the owner and his partner. I met them first hand and can’t say enough about their passion and enthusiasm for not only their product, but the education of the proper steps to becoming a fit you. I’m sure plenty of you out there are already educated, however I am not.
    Ok now about the cage. I spent several days looking at all my options and came across Archon. I never heard of them but somthing grabbed my interest (appearance, design, and price). While I was researching, I wrote to Archon with several questions about the product and was quickly answered in full detail. I made my decision to purchase their product and was fortunate enough to be within range to pick it up in person . They had their products on display and that confirmed I made the right choice. Nice quality in appearance and handling. I brought the cage home along with the bar, post landmine, and slam ball. All quality products. The packaging was well done, with tie wraps keeping things from sliding around while in shipment . The cage was super simple to assemble and was complete while taking my time in under two hours. The powder coat is beautiful with the numbering system well visible in light yellow as well as their logo. The cage is very sturdy and and easy to use because of the designers meticulous awareness to functionality. I will definetly be purchasing the lat pulldown when it is available in May. If you’re thinking about this cage and their products , do not hesitate. You will not be disappointed.

  2. comerio80

    I absolutely recommend ARCHON Power Cage. You will not find a better Power Cage at this price point with these many features. Even cages far more expensive than this don’t have the added storage features which are essential, especially for a garage gym. Not only is the design extremely functional, it looks super cool. My neighbors have all complemented the look and functionality. I love the storage options to keep my equipment organized and professional. The multi grip Pull-Up bar is awesome and has the perfect knurled finish and grip positions. Install took less than two hours and everything was shipped and packaged with perfection. Very stable and strong unit that is strengthen even more when you add plates to the storage station. I also have the ARCHON dip bar attachment which works amazing on this cage. I’m able to do exercises like bench press, squats, chin ups, dips, deadlifts with confidence. This cage exceeds all of my fitness needs and at an amazing value. I’m glad to have come across ARCHON Fitness; they have earned my business with their quality products.

  3. Jody

    nice. exited

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