Single Pulley Cable Station


  • Unit can be set up in a home gym, personal training studio, or outdoor environment (Functional Fitness Groups)
  • Multi-use handle attachment included
  • Gourd buckle attachment design allows for a multiple of cable attachments to be used
  • High quality compact pulley/bracket design to ensure consistent smooth flowing workouts
  • 70” of travel. Cable is sheathed with rubber to allow smooth rotation of pulley
  • Fits all style Olympic plates
  • 1″ Plate adapter available in February 8th
  • Shorter Cable available upon request.

343 in stock (can be backordered)

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Introducing “Mobility” to your cable workouts! The ARCHONTM Single Pulley Cable Station is mobile and versatile. With a durable pulley capable of a 400lb load you can maximize your cable workout while taking it with you to the gym, outdoors (Especially great for functional fitness clubs), or in the comfort of your home. Strap the pulley to a horizontal bar or other fasteners and you are ready to go, “No tools required.” The gourd buckle will allow you to use a variety of your favorite cable attachments…we include a multi-use handle attachment with your order.

What sets our system apart from many other manufacturers is the cable being sheathed in rubber allowing for a smooth flow and safety from cuts that result from an open steel cable.

Purchase a couple of these pulley’s and you have a cable cross over system anywhere you go as well.

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  1. Kellen (verified owner)

    I have put together a nice free weight gym at my house. But one thing I knew I would get from going to the gym was a cable machine. I have been using elastic cables. This pulley system from Archon came in the mail a couple of days ago, it was the missing piece to my gym. It functions exactly like a cable machine at the gym for the exercises I use it for. One arm last pull down, trim pull downs, cable crunches, and rows. I was worries about the swing, it’s a non issue. It is constructed very well and I am stoked about it, for $40 bucks it’s a steal. Thank you.

  2. Gary Smallwood (verified owner)

    I pretty much have everything a home gym owner could want with the exception of a cable system. Well, that has been resolved thanks to this great product. I bought two of these cable pulley systems and was able to create my own cable fly system. All I had to do as you can see in the pictures was attach one on each side of my power rack and I was able to use my low pulley system that I already have on my power rack and voila! The length of the cables were perfect and allowed me the luxury of hooking each cable to my low pulley rack attachment.

    Thought about going with the other guys, but Archon stood out because they had their cable covered and that is a benefit in so many ways. I was very impressed with the quality of the whole unit and it is PLENTY strong enough at a 300 lb rating PER cable system. Nobody needs more than that. It is smooth as silk and feels durable and strong with each rep. Note. I started out by using these individually before hooking them up to my low pulley rack attachment and they are phenomenal.

    If you’re hesitant on buying this because of the other guy’s popularity? Don’t hesitate any longer. This is an outstanding product that’s high in quality at a price that can’t be beat. Great job Archon!

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