Sissy Squat Platform


  • Commercial grade steel and upholstery padding.
  • Diamond plated gripped foot plate.
  • Adjustable shin and calve pads for different sized users.
  • Rubber feet to protect floor and add grip.
  • Compact design for space saver.
  • 40” L x 25” W x 20” H

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The ARCHON Fitness Sissy Squat

Introducing The ARCHON Fitness Sissy Squat, AKA, “The Quad Buster!” This long time forgotten exercise has experienced a revival and if you are looking to focus your quadriceps without having to purchase expensive machines, such as a leg extension, the ARCHON Sissy Squat is your answer.

The platform stands apart with two adjustable pads. A shin pad that adjusts horizontally and a calve pad that adjusts vertically. This allows for maximum comfort for legs of all sizes. Our diamond plated foot platform will ensure your feet stay secure. The unit itself sits on rubber feet that protect your flooring while providing added grip.

What exactly is the “Sissy Squat?”

In many respects it is a safer squat movement than a full squat on the lower back. So, if you have had lower back or neck injuries, the ARCHON Sissy Squat can help you get back in the game. The Sissy Squat places stress primarily on your quadriceps while the platform provides support to the knees protecting from excessive shearing stress.

To challenge your quads further while using the Sissy Squat you can grab a pair of dumbbells, hold a plate across your chess, hold on to ARCHON Strength Bands, have a partner provide resistance on the shoulders, or for the ultimate challenge, I like to grab a hold of my ARCHON Hex Trap Bar. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel and we will have upcoming videos on the use of this excellent squat bench.

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Dimensions 42 × 28 × 6 in


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