First home gym?

Here at ARCHON you not only have trained professionals in engineering, but we are fitness professionals and enthusiast as well. When you purchase your equipment, we are not going to leave you on your own. If you have questions regarding use or set-up we encourage you to email or call us as, “We want your first experience to be the best experience.”

ARCHON provides unlimited support and come early winter we will launch training videos for equipment. In addition, we are going to build a blog that will support your passion and our passion for fitness training, weight loss, and general healthy principals.

Our engineer will even help you layout your first home gym. “Free of charge.”

Contact our team today at: [email protected]

Our home equipment is commercial grade without over
inflated pricing.

The most expensive fitness equipment isn’t necessarily the best. In many cases, a high price is the result of branding or extra features you don’t need. When we started to design and manufacture our line of ARCHON equipment it was quality and functionality that was ours focus, “Who and how will the equipment be used.” ARCHON equipment offers the best combination of utility and affordability for the fitness enthusiast.

Contact our team today at: [email protected]