Warranty Information

Warranty Information


Welcome to the website of ARCHON Fitness LLC (ARCHON). Provided are the notices, terms, and conditions set forth in this agreement between you (The Buyer) and ARCHON Fitness LLC (Seller). You, (The Buyer), are subject to the rules, guidelines, terms, and conditions of this agreement having been informed and accepted these terms.


This Pre-Order Agreement between ARCHON Fitness LLC and You, “They buyer,” with us.

By entering this ARCHON Fitness LLC (“Agreement”). You hereby confirm that you wish to have a priority to order your selected fitness equipment. This agreement does not apply to available products.

Nature of Agreement: 7% of the Pre-Order Payment is non-refundable. Should you decide to cancel your order prior receiving your shipping label (Printed 72 hours prior to shipping), you will receive a refund, minus, 7% subtracted from all items on the order that are cancelled.

Delivery Date: You are understanding that if a delivery date is provided, this date is non-valid. UPS generates a shipping date as though it is shipping immediately. You are pre-ordering understanding this “IS NOT VALID.” ARCHON Fitness LLC is not guaranteeing the exact date and time of delivery. As we get closer to shipping your pre-order we will provide, “Estimates.” Factors, such as COVID, weather, government, and other such events, can affect arrival to our corporate headquarters in Florida. Carrier delays may also be delayed to such events, especially with COVID-19 and Holiday Schedules.

YOUR GUARANTEE: By pre-ordering, ARCHON Fitness LLC guaranteeing you will be receiving your product as priority. If for some reason ARCHON Fitness LLC must cancel your order, “You will receive a 100% refund on your order.” 7% Cancellation fee will not apply.


USE ONLY GENUINE ARCHON REPLACEMENT PARTS. FAILURE TO DO SO WILL VOID WARRANTY AND COULD RESULT IN PERSONAL INJURY OR EVEN DEATH. THERE IS A RISK ASSUMED BY INDIVIDUALS WHO USE THIS TYPE OF EQUIPMENT. TO MINIMIZE THE RISK, ALWAYS FOLLOW THESE SIMPLE RULES. 1.READ AND UNDERSTAND ALL ENCLOSED INSTRUCTIONS before using this equipment. 2.INSPECT EQUIPMENT BEFORE EACH USE. Replace all parts at the first signs of wear or damage. If in doubt about a specific part, DO NOT use the equipment. Contact ARCHON to speak with a product engineer. Failure to do so may result in injury. 3.FOLLOW ROUTINE MAINTENANCE. Refer to product manual or contact ARCHON to speak with a product engineer. 4.CONSULT YOUR PHYSICIAN BEFORE STARTING ANY EXERCISE PROGRAM. Warm up properly before engaging in weight resistance training. 5.KEEP CLEAR OF ALL MOVING PARTS TO PREVENT THE RISK OF SERIOUS INJURY. 6.KEEP CHILDREN FROM USING EQUIPMENT WITHOUT DIRECT ADULT SUPERVISION. Children should be kept at a safe distance when equipment is in use to prevent the injury. 7. TO PREVENT POSSIBLE TIPPING. it is recommended that your secure equipment to the floor to prevent possible tipping. Failure to do so you use equipment at your own risk.


The ARCHON Lifetime Warranty protects your barbell from material defects and construction. This warranty does not cover the product if the bar is damaged do to neglect, misuse, has been altered, poor storage environments, or mishandled the warranty is voided. The ARCHON warranty does not cover abusive dropping of the bar. (This includes metal surfaces, benches, dropping with iron plates, on spotter arms, on a box, with 10’s / 15’s by themselves, or similar abuse.) Maintenance is not considered a warranty issue. Warranty is not transferable and original purchase receipt must be provided. Warranty claims are reviewed case by case by the ARCHON engineer. The determination by the engineer is final. You may feel confident that barbell defects are extremely rare as most problems are a result of neglect or abuse.

Barbell Maintenance

Sweat and damp humid environments can cause corrosion of metal. You may have been to a gym where you see those little orange spots on knurling. For some individuals this is no bother, but for others they like that clean polished look to last. This can be accomplished through the following method:

Step – 1
Gather a NYLON Stiff Bristled Brush and 3-in-ONE Brand Multipurpose Oil.

Step – 2
Using your nylon brush, brush away excess chalk and grime.

Step – 3
Take your oil and coat your barbell. Next take your brush and work in the oil into the knurling.

ARCHON barbells are protected by the top coatings in the industry. Rather than the cheaper oxide coatings, “ARCHON only uses BLACK ZINC and CERAKOTE as we want you to enjoy a quality barbell for years to come.”

ARCHON Slam Ball: 1 YR
Slam balls are not intended to be slammed on hard surfaces, such as concrete, road pavement, tennis courts, etc… These surfaces must be protected by fitness matts. Warranty covers defects related to product construction under proper use.

Frames LIFETIME (Construction or Material Defect)
1 YEARS: Rubber foot caps, plastic caps, Bar protection strips, Rubber washers.
2 YEARS: Bolts, Nuts, Washers.
5 YEARS: Structural damage under proper use.
For the steel frame it is recommended to spray some protective lubricant on a rag, such as a 3-in-ONE Brand Multipurpose Oil and wipe down the steel on the machine. In humid environments this will add an extra layer of protection. We recommend once a month minimum in humid environments.

1 YEAR: Cable covers.
1 YEAR: PLASTIC/RUBBER PARTS – Rubber foot caps, plastic caps, rubber washers, handles. PULLEYS. BEARINGS – Must be taken care of under proper maintenance. Maintenance is simple with our cable stations. A Teflon based lubricant should be used to wipe down chrome parts. Provide a squirt on top of plate carriage where it glides on rods and underneath, “That’s it!” It is recommended to spray some protective lubricant on a rag, such as a 3-in-ONE Brand Multipurpose Oil and wipe down the steel on the machine. In humid environments this will add an extra layer of protection. We recommend once a month minimum in humid environments.
1 YEARS: Cable covers.
2 YEARS: HARDWARE – Bolts, Nuts, Washers.
5 YEARS: Structural Damage Under Proper Use.

1 YEAR: Rubber foot caps, Plastic caps, Rubber washers, Handles, Cable Covers.
2 YEAR: HARDWARE – Bolts, Nuts, Washers, Bushings.


Please email [email protected] with your claim. Please provide your original order number/proof of purchase along with pictures/videos of the issue you are claiming so ARCHONTM can research and develop ways of preventing this in the future.
Warranties only apply to construction – Warranty may be voided for any product that is not treated correctly or under its intended use. This includes but not limited to product being abused, not stored correctly, no/low maintenance and mishandling by the user. Cosmetic damage will only be covered upon arrival of the product. Since we are in the fitness industry it is expected for cosmetic damage or wear and tear to appear after use for certain products.
30-Day satisfaction guarantee – If you are not satisfied with your purchase due to manufacturing defects or workmanship, you may return your unused product for a refund within 30 days of the delivered date. Customer must provide receipt of purchase.
Customer is responsible for shipping charges back to ARCHON…or ARCHON can provide a shipping label to the customer which will be deducted from the return. Customer is responsible for a proper shipping container and packing.
If the product has been used or is returned with blemishes there is a 25% Restocking Fee that will be deducted from the return.
Replacement parts – If item is under warranty, ARCHON will send an unused replacement part to fulfill the customers issue/need. Customer must provide receipt.
If Warranty does not apply – If the product/part is past its warranty period, the customer has the option to purchase the replacement part that ARCHON will provide after diagnosing the issue.